jeudi 9 juin 2011

TW 1x02 "Second Chance At First Time" - Audience + Tracklist

Le second épisode de Teen Wolf, intitulé "Second Chance At First Time", a réuni 1.47 millions de téléspectateurs.

Voici les chansons entendues dans ce second épisode :
- Graffiti6 ‘Annie You Save Me’

- Shout Out Out Out Out ‘Chicken Soup For The F*** You’
- LexiconDon ‘Sleep 2 Dream’
- John Gold ‘Honeymade’
- Man Is Doomed ‘Disco Angel’
- The Ruse ‘Apache’
- Hanni El Khatib ‘You Rascal You (Standard Cover)’
- One For The Team ‘Best Supporting Actor’
- We Are Wolves ‘Little Birds’
- Ohbijou ‘Wildfires’
- The Cinematic Orchestra ‘Familiar Ground’
- Overseer ‘Horndog (Inst)’
- deadmau5 ‘Right This Second’
- The Antlers ‘Tongue Tied’
- My Chemical Romance ‘Na Na Na (Radio Edit)’
- Wavves ‘Take On The World’
- Graffiti6 ‘Calm The Storm’

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